Bassist, Jacob Miranda is a busy live and studio musician, music producer living in San Diego. He started playing music, more specifically, the bass at the ripe age of 16. Growing up on the central coast of California, music wasn't always his first love. Miranda was a natural born athlete, excelling in numerous sports, baseball lasting the longest in his sports career. Miranda shifted to the public school system in junior high, and met new friends with new interests. After some long talks about old interests, he picked up a friend's bass and fell deeply for the instrument. He decided to follow this new love for music, and  enrolled in lessons from local business owner, and world acclaimed jazz guitar legend, Jerry Coelho, as well as world touring bassist, Ernesto Gonzalez. Each teacher left a lasting impression on his demeanor and style.  After playing in his original funk band throughout high school,  he and his band made the move to Southern California to attend school, and play larger shows. After completing his studies, Miranda had a mental shift, and decided to approach the music scene as a freelance bass player, Since 2013, Miranda has been active with several groups that span many styles, from gospel record labels to all around corporate entertainment. Jacob has co-produced, and written music with numerous award winning groups in the San Diego scene and continues to do so. Jacob has had the opportunity to tour, and open for recordings artists such as: Trevor Green, Sister Speak, The Lyrical Groove, Rebecca Jade, Whitney Shay, Air Supply, Henry Kopono, Chris Isaac, Xavier Rudd, Zo, Anthony David, Angela Blesset, Hiatus Kayote, Fred Hammond, David Dredden, Jay Roman, Jesse and Joy, and Reik etc. Jacob is currently working on his sophomore album, and performs regularly around San Diego as a studio musician, and solo artist. You can find his music on all streaming sites and musical outlets.

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